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March Expo Overview

*Terms & Conditions apply >
Free shipping by Alibaba.com*
New buyers enjoy free shipping on their first order
Alibaba.com selected shipping carrier and specific countries
Products of US $30 or more enjoy shipping discounts up to US $40
Products of US $1,000 or more enjoy shipping discounts up to US $100
On-time delivery guarantee*
Millions of products to be delivered within the promised time
Guaranteed delivery, or the buyer is eligible to claim compensation
Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)*
Door-to-door delivery
Customs and import duties included
Currently available to buyers in 34 specified countries
Alibaba.com Online Trade Show
Gathering top offline exhibitors from CES/ISPO/IFA etc.
Buyer Talk: leading brands share their sourcing strategies
Immersive experience: 3D Virtual Home and 3D Showroom
24/7 Livestream
Real-time new product launches
Manufacturing systems and factory tours
Live presentations and offers of huge discounts
Convenient payments
Quick and easy payment processing
New options include: Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal
New arrivals
Products listed in past 90 days
Data-driven new product trends of 2021
Top-ranking products
Find our exciting best sellers in all categories
Rankings based on buyer reviews, inquiries, and views
Professional buyer selections
Encompassing more than 30 hot categories
Curated products based on industry insights